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Real Time filter effect with a rangefinder!


Thanks to FilterView®, Leica M-Series and other rangefinder camera users can now get a real time look at the effect they are achieving with polarizing (or other) filters. You can constantly see the filter effect through the viewfinder, so simply adjust the polarizer and shoot!

Beautifully machined from aircraft alloy heat treated 6061 aluminum (lighter and stronger than brass) FilterView® is finished in durable chip resistant black anodize.

With the Universal Polarizing Filter-M offered by Leica, it is necessary to raise the filter up in front of the viewfinder (completely, for the setting to be correct), adjust the polarization effect, then lower it back in front of the lens (not changing the setting by mistake in the process), reframe the picture, and (finally!) take the picture.

Using FilterView® couldn’t be simpler. A 77mm filter of your choice is screwed into the front element. This combination then screws directly into any lens having 60mm filter threads. A feature unique to FilterView® is the special elastomeric ring, which allows one of the see-thru windows to always be properly positioned in the lower right hand corner of the viewfinder.

Four adapter rings are provided for 55mm, 49mm, 46mm, and 39mm filter thread lenses. Only one ring is used, no need to stack up several steps! Other size adapters can of course be used if needed, alone or in conjunction with those supplied with FilterView®, to fit other size lens threads.

FilterView® has been found to work well on many cameras besides the Leica-M Series, including the Contax G-Series, Hexar, Hassalblad X Pan & Mamiya 6.

For other cameras check compatibility by holding a 77mm filter, or 77mm diameter disk cut from cardboard, about 1/4 of an inch out in front of the lens (approximately the amount the front element and an adapter would stack up to). Look to see how much of the filter area is visible in the viewfinder. The other consideration would be if the adapter required to match the lens filter threads is included in FilterView®, or available elsewhere. We offer a 100% refund on the purchase price of all our products if are returned undamaged, so you would only be risking your shipping costs to give one a try.

FilterView® comes with an Optech case, and is sold only as a complete set of front element and four adapter rings. We do not sell the individual components separately, or offer any other size adapter rings. Filters are not included. Any brand of 77mm filter (circular or otherwise) may be used.

If you need ony the 49mm adapter ring to fill out a previously purchased set, a limited quantity are available, priced at $9.00 each. Contact Photo Equip directly for ordering details.

The FilterView® is priced at $96.

Note: As there are occasional variables from one camera to another or machined part to another, always check the initial fit up carefully and gently. You should never need to, nor ever want to, have to force something onto your camera. We encourage you to contact us for advice if something doesn't seem to fit correctly.

“The Leica-M enthusiast who wishes to use a polarizer should consider the FilterView®. The swing out polarizer procedures formerly used are no longer needed. Look through the viewfinder, adjust the polarizer, take the picture!” ...Jim Lager, noted Leica authority

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Price: $96.00

Satisfaction guaranteed or your purchase price refunded!