The finest photographic accessories for the discriminating photographer since 1989


The Original M-Grip®

"All in all, I find it, after several months of daily use, to be in fact better than the Leica Grip, and a pleasure to use"

Gary Rothstein - MD-Grip owner

The ML-Grip®

"It's so well designed, it's like part of the camera. Now I can't imagine holding the camera without it"

Tom Arndt - Documentary Photographer

"I've tried every grip on the market and this is the first one to get it right"

Robert Sigilitto - ML-Grip owner

"I have two of these ML-Grips® for my Leica M's, which are extremely well made, and offer a strong reliable grip in the hot and humid climates I shoot in"

Simon Larbalestier - Photographer, Anarchy Images

The MP-Winder®

"They are clearly better made than the Leica OEM part and the poly plug inside the winder assures that you won't mar your expensive camera if you over tighten the crank. In addition the metal ring that surrounds the rewind knob provides more even force to the spindle, making faster rewinding possible without that "wobble" typical of the Leica version.”

Rich Pinto - Photo Village

"Fit and finish is high and .... I can buy one of these and 25 rolls of Tri-X and rewind them before I spent the money for the Leica rewind crank"

Tom Abrahamsson - VIEWFINDER

"The winders are great, and seeing much use on my MPs."

Constantine Manos - Noted Photographer

The FilterView®

“The Leica-M enthusiast who wishes to use a polarizer should consider the FilterView®. The swing out polarizer procedures formerly used are no longer needed. Look through the viewfinder, adjust the polarizer, take the picture!”

Jim Lager - Noted Leica authority

The Original M-Grip®

"The first independent accessory made to the same high quality as the Leica"

Jim Lager - Noted Leica authority

"A really well made product. I didn't hesitate to put it on my own camera"

Craig Miller - Camera One Sarasota

"A must for any Leica owner"

Bob Gramemga - Bergen County Camera