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The finest Grip ever offered for the Leica M-Series film camera's!

A major upgrade over anything previously offered, the ML-Grip® is the first truly new design offered for the M-Series Leica film camera's in over a decade. While it obviously does not fit the M5, it fits all the rest of the Leica film camera's both physically and esthetically.

Machined in one piece from a solid billet of high strength aircraft alloy aluminum, the ML-Grip® is shaped to fit and blend with the camera body beautifully. The base and handle are one piece - not a separate handle held on by screws.

With a full length velvet covered base plate, the ML-Grip® protects the entire bottom of the camera. The base projects under the grip handle, to provide maximum stability when set down. The ML-Grip® has a large counter bored hole, providing access to the camera’s back release locking toggle. The Grip does not need to be removed to change film.

For a non-slip grasp and wonderful feel, the ML-Grip® handle has a soft rubber insert. The insert wraps around between the handle and the camera body, providing gentle but solid support against the camera body, without the possibility of leatherette damage. A compartment inside the handle, covered by a flush fit screw, provides that perfect place to store two spare light meter batteries.

Remarkably, at less than 4 ounces, it’s even lighter than the original M-Grip®, the result of precisely machining out unnecessary material in the base and the handle. A corrosion free stainless steel mounting screw, with a slot large enough to fit a coin, attaches the ML-Grip® to the camera via the tripod hole. An alternate tripod mount is provided, precisely centered under the lens. The ML-Grip® does not need to be removed for use on a tripod.

The ML-Grip® enhances the function of the camera by fitting the photographer’s natural grasp. The ML-Grip® improves long exposure stability, single-handed use, and comfort with long lenses.

The ML-Grip® fits all the M-series Leica’s film cameras except the M5 and M-A, and is available in either a silver or black hard anodized satin finish.

Providing the ultimate in control and protection - the perfect companion for your Leica rangefinder!

The ML-Grip® is priced at $141.

"It's so well designed, it's like part of the camera. Now I can't imagine holding the camera without it" ... Tom Arndt - Documentary Photographer

"I've tried every grip on the market and this is the first one to get it right" ... Robert Sigilitto - ML-Grip owner

"I have two of these ML-Grips for my Leica M's, which are extremely well made, and offer a strong reliable grip in the hot and humid climates I shoot in" ... Simon Larbalestier - Photographer, Anarchy Images

  • Provides the ultimate in control and convenience
  • Never drop a camera again
  • Weighs less than 4 oz
  • Doesn't interfere with camera function
  • Engineered to fit the camera perfectly
  • Full length base protects the entire bottom of camera
  • Camera can be set down level and stable
  • Does not interfere with neck strap
  • Machined to highest tolerances from aircraft quality aluminum alloy
  • Available in Black or Silver anodized finish
  • A must for long lenses, strobes, and for "one handed" users
  • Access to batteries and memory card- does not need to be removed for reloading
  • Attaches to camera via tripod mount threaded hole
  • Alternate centered tripod mount provided
  • Non-snag rounded edges

Note: As there are occasional variables from one camera to another or machined part to another, always check the initial fit up carefully and gently. You should never need to, nor ever want to, have to force something onto your camera. We encourage you to contact us for advice if something doesn't seem to fit correctly.

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